Thurs 12/6 at The Derby!

Thurs, Dec 6, at The Derby in Los Feliz – playing with a whole crew of fine musicians in the continually evolving ACME COLLECTIVE… OPEN BAR from 8PM-9PM, a local DJ spins in between short, focused sets…all in all, a fantastic night of fun community and good music! Join us…

Thurs Dec 6, 2007, 8PM, VIP ROOM – ACME (Association of City Musicians Etc.) presents…
Eric Ethan
Marc Cittadino
Amy Clarke
Eggman & The Starkillers
Luca Spanio Band
MojoW & The Vibration Army
Tammy Tomahawk

12/6 at THE DERBY
4500 Los Feliz Blvd, Hollywood
$12, $8 with flyer! OPEN BAR 8PM-9PM (if you need the flier)
They have valet, but street parking is also available if you’re crafty…

Thurs 12/6 at The Derby!

One thought on “Thurs 12/6 at The Derby!

  1. Tammy Tomahawk… out of this world. White out on the face….or face paint…or whatever it was, applied in the middle of the set….with a new wig…

    I love it!!


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