shots from The Derby & Don’t Call Us Tori shows!

Two fun little shows last week, with good, interesting crowds at both! Thanks to all for coming out to both of them – and it was great to see faces I have not yet seen on this coast at shows!  At the Derby, super fun to see Claude, Adam, Justin, and many more…and at Karma, we had FCW all the way from NY, friends in LA, moms, GREG (huge props to ya!) all over, good times!

Don’t Call Us Tori at Karma Coffeehouse, Sat Feb 23
Getting introduced by Chris Opperman…





and then, going back in time to Wednesday…

ACME Night at The Derby, Wed Feb 20, 2008

After great sets by Tomas O’Grady & Latham, I played a few songs with the amazing Marcus guesting on percussion – we experimented and it was fun!


And then closed with a simpler version of A New Way than I have played before…


shots from The Derby & Don’t Call Us Tori shows!

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