SXSW . . .


AMY at SXSW 2008
Still recovering from SXSW! What a blast of a week – I was so excited to go to Austin, TX for the first time to play and experience this festival – and I was not disappointed! Magic, music, merriment, and many new friends! To recap…I was on the official standby list to showcase but had not heard a final word until – at the last minute – I was scooped up by Desert Highway Records for TWO SXSW daytime showcases… MOMO’s on 6th Street on Saturday for the Desert Highway SXSW Extravaganza and the funky, eclectic Austin Java for the R.O.O.T. Music Acoustic Foundation Jam on Sunday. I found this out on Saturday before the festival, and – thanks to friends and miracles – was able to snag a spot in an RV with my friend’s band THE WORLDWIDE SPIES and left the very next day for Austin from Los Angeles on a delightful musical road trip adventure.
After delightful desert scenery, RV bonding merriment, and WAY too many truck stops, we ended up in Austin parked right in the center of the side festival action – a block from 6th Street on Trinity in between the Viper Room party and the Rockfest Guitar Hero stage. Ummm…sleep? Well, who sleeps at SXSW anyway, right?
Performance wise, Friday I opened up the day at Momo’s on 6th Street w/Serena (my Yamaha S90 synth keyboard) – rocking with acoustic and electric sounds. The S90 became the keyboard for the day, and friends Shannon Hurley and Marina V from Los Angeles (both with new CDs out NOW!) also played excellent sets using her, along with Benjamin Weintraub and other local Austin artists. Other artists were equally fabulous – Sheila Swift, Brothers Blythe, Thomas, Melody Mann, D, Elam McKnight, Jackie Bristow …marinashannonamy500.jpg
All of the artists in the Desert Highway showcase were phenomenal! I was especially blown away by the lovely Jamie Blythe from Austin and Nell Bryden from NY – what a powerhouse of a voice! And Benjamin Weintraub & band closed out the day with complex and interesting music very cool.
Saturday – after passing by floats assembling by the Capitol building and with Austin residents honking for peace 😉 – I joined many of the same artists from Friday plus a few new faces to play outside in a lovely setting at Austin Java – yummy food, acoustic music, I even sold some CDs at this show! HUGE THANKS TO ERNEST MORRELL AND DESERT HIGHWAY RECORDS!
Just a sampling of other excellent acts I saw all week – Green Mountain Grass (Austin, TX) – outside on 6th Street playing wickedly fast-paced “psychedelic bluegrass”, Run Run Run at the Viper Room Party, the ASCAP Presents…Quiet on the Set Showcase at the Driskill Hotel, many local and touring acts at the outdoor Texas Rockfest Guitar Hero Stage including One Eyed Doll (Austin, TX), Honor by August (DC) & The Worldwide Spies (LA) – phenomenal music and performances all around.
There was so much music it was nearly overwhelming – but I just went with the flow and found my way to everywhere I was supposed to be in Austin. A few pics are up (myspace, facebook, blog) – though the camera was working sporadically and I could not get internet access as expected – but now I have an even better game plan for next year! I can’t wait to go back!

SXSW . . .

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