Gaia Grove in Mexico!

Last weekend, Amy went down to Baja, Mexico to play a benefit concert for Zonas Verdes de Punta Banda on Mother’s Day (in Mexico, Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10th) to raise the level of awareness about protecting the environment and to help bring together community. With Jesus – the other local musician scheduled to play – getting caught on the other side of town, Amy ended up playing a longer set on the grand piano, and music could be heard spreading out into Cantu as the sun went down. Many thanks to Karina Alvarado for speaking about the civil association, explaining the project of working with the local schoolchildren to help clean up the environmental zone, and for all of the patrons at Sharky’s who contributed to the cause! Zonas Verdes de Punta Banda A.C. should now have enough funds to print the children’s photos of the area and display them in the town for the rest of the community to learn more about the project.

To learn any more about the organization, please contact:

Gaia Grove in Mexico!

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