Studio Time!

Studio Time! Taking things into my own hands…after David Kershenbaum (Grammy Award Winning Producer, Tori Amos, Tracy Chapman) expressed interest in my Belmont Blues song, and I played many of my other songs for him at my house, we were both in agreement that a real grand piano was vital for many of the tracks, so I explored all around Los Angeles…

And I have fallen in love! This time, with the grand piano at 4th Street Recording! This “groovy little hideout” just blocks from the Pacific Ocean has a wonderful Yamaha grand piano (Fiona Apple recorded demo here) with a response and touch that I just adore. The studio owner Kathleen Wirt is down to earth and tremendously cool, and with Colombian rock star Sejo Navajas of the Vicious Licks engineering the piano recording sessions, I have been in excellent hands. Here are some shots from first day on the keys…check me out in my Brooklyn shirt! NYC in the house 😉

Then I spent some time with my friend Steve Leavitt (Don’t Call Us Tori) at THUD Studios in North Hollywood CA cutting some vocals and making a rough mix of one of the tracks “HER STORY (Mary)”. THUD is owned by Jeff Abercrombie from the band Fuel, and we had a blast catching up with stories about the East Coast including the DC-Balto-Philly alternative music scene in the 90’s, HFStivals (99.1 WHFS, you will always be in my heart) at RFK stadium in DC, Nation, and much more. We had a blast! Here are some shots of me and Steve, after a creative and productive day in the studio:

There is a rough mix of HER STORY (Mary) up on myspace – feedback and comments welcome! More to come…

Studio Time!

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