* october surprise *

Dear friends, family, fans & all others who have followed the journey this far,

I am grateful for you. Thank you for being there through thick and thin and all the other twists and turns on this fantastic voyage.

Times have been tight for many lately, and while there was funding available for my album in the summer, circumstances changed, and I have been finding ways to stay positive and be creative about the entire process. I adore the songs which have come together for this work of art, still dream of recording them all in a professional studio with real instruments & musicians. I believe in the magic of possibility! With the assistance of some wonderful friends and great connections, I have been sourcing new energy flows, I will continue to work on recording and production as much as I can on my own, and welcome any donations, contributions, words of love, or general positive energy to completing this beautiful project.
Please write to music@amyclarke.com

Thank you so much to all who have bought my EP in the past few weeks (still having traction after 2 years . . .right up until the election!) and for all of the lovely comments from around the country and world. Thanks to the kind man who recently offered to paint my portrait after catching a show at The Bitter End in New York City in 2006! Also thanks to the kind words from New York to Austin to Seattle – I hear you! We all run into detours on the road of life, the important thing to remember is that we are all in this together, never give up on your dreams, and KEEP GOING!
“the only way to make it is to keep on loving, never doubt it” – Love Heals (forthcoming)

* October Surprise * One of my wishes came true – just in time for my birthday…ScorpFaery Productions & Gaia Grove presented a smashing little b-day show w/music, cupakes, art, astrology, drama, comedy and more at Café Muse in Hollywood on October 23rd. I recently stumbled into this lovely little organic vegetarian café with free wi-fi and a REAL Yamaha upright piano, I asked for a birthday night there, and with just a week to put it together, EVERYONE came through! Special thanks to Gahl Sasson (Cosmic Navigator), Nance Broderzen, Ken Ali, Maggy Adeleye, Don Artist, Mary Arden from Arden of Eden (whose CD release party was at Hotel Café the night before), and Harvey Sid Fisher (Daily Show, Jon Stewart Show) for performing “Scorpio” – he has a song for every sign of the zodiac! All of the friends and family helped to make the evening so memorable. Thank You!

Monthly Evenings at Café Muse
The event went so well, Café Muse offered a monthly night, which will kick off Thursday December 11th, on the eve of the Full Cold Moon. Plan to come get warm and cozy with us, the evenings will continue on second Thursdays in 2009 at Café Muse in Hollywood. Stay tuned…

Nette Radio/GINA Squeaky Wheel Tour
Meanwhile, mark your calendars for FRIDAY NOVEMBER 14th – I’ll be performing in the ‘Nette Radio Showcase sponsored by Daisy Rock, partnered with TK Promo, GINA and the Squeaky Wheel Tour to help find the missing at The Talking Stick in Venice. Also playing are Shannon Hurley, Davina Robinson (in from Japan), Marian Call & the Conlons.

Meanwhile, exercise your voice and choice and VOTE on TUESDAY NOV 4th! I believe one candidate has emerged as the stronger choice for transformation, inspiration, and unity in our country at this time, and that candidate is Barack Obama.

With the Obama campaign doing quite well in CA, we raised funds at the birthday show for NO: On Prop 8 – Equality for All!
You can still volunteer to phone bank in swing states for Obama! http://www.mybarackobama.com

Here are some other initiatives important to me in California:
YES on 2 – prevent farm animal cruelty
NO on 4 – no parental notification laws
NO on 8 – Equality for All – LOVE not HATE, NO on PROP 8!

Happy Halloween. Enjoy the Day of The Dead. Honor Your Ancestors. Have a Blessed Samhain. Happy Celtic New Year!

Love and Inspiration . . .

Amy Clarke
MAAT Music, ScorpFaery Productions

FRI NOV 14 – ‘Nette Radio Showcase
*Sponsored by Daisy Rock*
GINA/Squeaky Wheel Tour
To Help Find the Missing


helping heal the earth

* october surprise *

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