Amy Clarke performs Friday Oct 23 at the INTERNATIONAL ALCHEMY CONFERENCE

International Alchemy Conference this weekend at the LA Convention Center! Even if you are not in town, please check out some of the fabulous topics and speakers including Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), Dr. Masaru Emoto (The Hidden Messages in Water) & Rickie Byars Beckwith (Healing Through Music) …

Despite its ancient image, ALCHEMY is re-emerging to be on the cutting edge of modern thought in all areas critical to living a harmonious and fruitful life. Alchemy is about transforming our lives in powerful ways that create real solutions and sustainable results for ourselves and for the world. This conference will bring together the largest collection of practicing alchemists in the last 500 years to reveal hidden secrets of life!

Through Alchemy you will learn how to:
• Create a Sustainable Environment locally and globally
• Transform yourself spiritually using time tested Alchemical principals.
• Break yourself out of old patterns and bring great momentum to your life.
• Use Ancient techniques to increase the Sensuality and Sexuality in your life.
• Incorporate cutting edge Alternative and Complementary Medicine to create optimal health in your life
• Be a part of the growing movement whereby ancient spirituality is infusing itself into Pop Culture to create change on a global level.
• Discover what principles Alchemists all through the ages have used to bring great abundance and wealth into their lives.

The Alchemy Conference is a unique event… it is both an outstanding forum to learn about scientific findings and spiritual teachings from world-renowned experts, as well as an opportunity to mingle with like-minded seekers, receive insights, and gain a sense of personal betterment.

Conference Includes:
• Natural healing
• Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong
• Entertainment with Live Music, Performers, Artists
• Homeopathic & Herbal Remedies for Health & Healing
• The Science of Harnessing Consciousness
• Techniques for Emotional Freedom
• The Art of Transformation
• Alchemy meets Modern Technology
• What’s behind Harry Potter
• Transforming our economy and societal shortcomings
• Exploring the intersection of Science & Spirituality
• Methods for Personal and Spiritual Transformation
• How to Apply Ancient Wisdom for Real Change
• Book Signings & Lectures by Best Selling Authors
• Celebrity Autographs
• Screening of Award Winning Film, “Yesterday Was A Lie”
• Educational Seminars and Workshops
• Live Demonstrations
• “Lightning Temple” Tesla Coil Sound Chamber Experience
• Free entry to Vendor Exhibit
• Congregation of People from Around the World
• … and so much more!

Featured Keynotes Include:

Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz on Transformational Teachings of the Toltecs
Dr. Masaru Emoto on The Hidden Messages of Water
Master Mantak Chia on Taoist Internal Alchemy

William Henry on Transfiguration Icons – Soul Alchemy Encoded in Some of the World’s Most Mysterious Paintings
Hans Andrea on The Alchemy of Harry Potter
Nassim Haramein on Revolutionary New Science: The Nature of Spin
Dr. Alfredo Sfeir-Younis on Global Alchemy and our Inter-Dependent Destiny
Michelle Karén on The Alchemy of Transformation between now and 2012
Dennis William Hauck on How Alchemists Achieve Transformation – The Formula of The Stone
Dr. Gudni Gudnason on Joy – The True Philosopher’s Stone
With special guest MC – Dreaming Bear – often referred to as the Shakespeare of the 21st Century.

Body Alchemy Instructors: Join us in the mornings to learn direct methods from world-renowned experts on training your body physically, mentally, and spiritually through the powerful practice of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation – Free for All Alchemy Conference Participants. Taught by Scott Cole and Adesh Kaur.

Other Fantastic Presenters Include:

James Kerwin (Producer)
Chase Masterson (Actress)
John Newton (Actor)
Robert Allen Bartlett (Alchemist & Author)
Barry Carter (Alchemist)
Don Nance (Alchemist)
Don Estes (Inventor)
Sonya Sophia Illig (Personal Growth Trainer)
Peter Sterling (Musician)
Dr. Thom Cavalli (Alchemical Psychologist)
Micah Nilsson (Alchemist)
Paul Bartscher (Alchemist)
Dr. Theresa Ibis (Physicist & Spiritual Teacher)
Dr. Pradheep Chhalliyil (Alchemist)
Gary Stadler (Alchemist & Glass Artist)
Daniel Coaten (Alchemist & Lab Glass Deisgner)
Adesh Kaur (Yoga & Meditation Teacher)
Amy Clarke (Musician)
Duane Saari (Alchemist)
…and more

Discover this re-emerging Art of Wisdom that will help us make the next quantum leap in finding sustainable solutions to issues we currently face in our world, our society, and our own individual lives.

*Gaia Grove founder AMY CLARKE (“beautiful, magical, original” Mary Ishimoto Morris, The Washington Post) performs at 3PM on FRIDAY OCTOBER 23 (her birthday!) in Room 408B.
INT’L ALCHEMY CONFERENCE October 23-25, 2009
FREE ADMISSION to Exhibit Halls, Golden Pyramid of Peace, and Films
Conference Admissions from $40 (single speaker) to $347 (all speakers & workshops)

To learn more visit


Amy Clarke performs Friday Oct 23 at the INTERNATIONAL ALCHEMY CONFERENCE

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