#fullmoonmusic Co-Creation & Collaboration ~ Gaia Grove at the Silver Lake Farmer’s Market

thank you to all of the fabulous musicians and artists who came out to play with us! inspired by you all 🙂 ~ Amy

Gaia Grove ~ healing circles ~ music, ceremony, magic

Beautiful, magical, enchanting ‪#‎fullmoonmusic‬ night in the Plaza ~ thanks to all for coming together to celebrate, co-create, and commune!  This May Day/Beltane/Cinco De Mayo special eedition of #fullmoonmusic featured all Silver Lake locals and an inspired musical jam at the end of the evening featuring diverse talents

…also including one by Ian of Stonefeather with little Ella Mira Rose singing with us!

@Stonefeatherband   https://instagram.com/p/2Uug2FRiSH/

Thanks to the original trio of Renee Dawson for bringing the soundsystem and the soul, multi-talented Artist Richard Arthur for versatility and style, and Gaia Grove creatrix & piano songstress Amy Clarke (www.amyclarke.com instagram.com/scrpfaery) for holding down the residency and grounding the energy, special thanks to guest neighbors Ian McCulloch and Dave Rundell of local fave funk/rock/good vibes band Stonefeather (instagram.com/stonefeatherband) for bringing it acoustic-style to the Plaza yet again (and for their video capture of the wee singer joining our jam), to Chris…

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#fullmoonmusic Co-Creation & Collaboration ~ Gaia Grove at the Silver Lake Farmer’s Market

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