While primarily a solo artist, on occasion Amy enjoys experimenting with guest musicians and artists, occasionally producing music, mixed media, arts & educational events to benefit sustainably-minded non-profits through her developing initiative GAIA GROVE ( which aims to help local communities and the environment ~ healing the earth. A lifetime oracle reader and daughter of the moon, she also mixes healing arts, nature, circles, ceremonies, and artists into a promising and potent alchemical blend.


Amy is a priestess of the goddess, an intuitive tarot/oracle reader with a foundation in numerology & astrology, & consults on empowerment, spirituality, life cycles, and more.

Delphinia’s Garden
Tarot * Astrology * Priestessing * Creativity * Ceremony * Inspiration & More

custom readings of all types with several different decks to choose from
The Enchanted Tarot, The Faerie Oracle, The Heart of The Faerie Oracle, The Shapeshifter Tarot, The Celtic Wisdom Tarot, Medicine Cards, Goddess Cards, & more

astrology, faery tales & mythology woven into readings, chart interpretations & progressions
For inquiries, contact delphinia
RATES below, please scroll down ~

photo by Stephen Readmond at Starhawk LA 2014 Winter’s Dream & Spiral Dance, Amy central on floor in white at drum

Delphinia, also known as Amy Clarke, is a gifted musician, composer, performer, priestess, artist and intuitive who has played music since age 3, read tarot & oracle cards since she was 10, and studied the cycles of the moon, planets, and the stars since age 18.

She co-founded a women’s spirituality circle which is still active in Washington, DC, an open teaching circle in New York City which began in a humble Brooklyn backyard, and now practices in a private ritual space & teaching garden in Silver Lake,
where she lives creating music, growing community & designing sacred & magical events.
She has also partnered, trained, studied and/or co-created with Native American Shamans/WisdomKeepers in the Cree/Metis (Frank Menusan) & Lakota (Rachelle Figueroa & Morningstar Foundation et al) traditions,
Starhawk & Reclaiming (SF: Urania, Gwion, Phoenix Le Fae) (Reclaiming LA-Laurie Lovekraft, Caduceus) The Open Center (NY),
The Studio Theatre & Director Joy Zinoman (DC), Film Director/Musician Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, Spiritual Healing Vocal Teacher Dana Calitri,
Master Percussionist Angel Luis Figueroa , Piano Maestro La Palabra, Astrologer/Kabbalist Gahl Sasson (A Wish Can Change Your Life),
The Temple of Visions, Burning Man, LA Burning Man, The International Alchemy Conference, Cross Pollinate LA, and the infinite wisdom of nature.
Amy is a multiple award-winning songwriter, graduate of The School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, a passionate gardener, Earth Mother, and daughter of the moon.

For inquiries, contact delphinia
Available for private oracle readings, workshops, ritual design, ceremonies, & classes.


Amy Clarke at International Alchemy Conference LA Convention Center


Amy Clarke & Starhawk, with maypole in Micheltorena Elementary Garden


More Photos from May 4 2013 Silver Lake May Day Garden Parade

Photos from May 2015 Silver Lake May Day Garden Parade

Priestesses of Starhawk 2014 LA Winter’s Dream & Spiral Dance Ritual
Clare Fox, Marcia Lopez & Amy Clarke


2015 Tarot Rates

VIA PHONE/SKYPE/VIDEO CHAT (Skype & Google Hangout)
$22 for ten minutes * $33 for a half-hour * $52 for a full hour

full hour in person at private location in Silver Lake, CA ($88) *

full hour in person on location at specially selected sacred site in Los Angeles, CA ($111)

For inquiries, contact delphinia




hosted by @gaiagrove

Gaia Grove

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