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Amy Clarke’s music is… “full of dark, quirky and experimental sounds and complex lyrics” – Indie Sounds NY / Harris Radio

“Magnificent singer/songwriter/keyboardist” – ALT WORLD FANZINE – Alternative World Fanzine 

Recent Press & Media:

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LA Weekly Slideshow of Great Pumpkin Fest (2013)

Amy Clarke featured in LA Weekly cover story (Silver Lake – 2013)

10/24/2010 Hotel Cafe review by Robert Leggett for The Examiner: “strong on lyrical content” “music is ethereal, dreamy and classy” “an artist on the rise
“her music has developed into a fine-edged tool for presenting her message to the masses” & is an “artist who weaves her social consciousness into every song” “After listening … it is very difficult to just sit idly by – the listener is compelled to get involved. Amy’s music is a strong tool and definitely needed in today’s society.”


While Amy Clarke has written and performed hundreds of original songs and covers nearly two decades of live shows, Amy is quite select in her music recording – she still has only released a few singles with limited release and one independent 5-song EP – After The Fall – in 2006 to a surge of critical acclaim and a wave of radio airplay and touring. Her earlier 10-song demo/album “Lunar Cycle” recorded in DC & New York in the early 2000s is out of print; she has also released a handful of bootleg & underground live collections.

In 2009, she officially released “Mary (her story)”

She released another official single “We Are The Web” for Winter Solstice 2012.

Both “Mary (her story)” & “We Are The Web” will be available for sale again on iTunes by the end of 2017 as they will be included on Amy’s long-anticipated first full-length studio  album “A New Way” featuring 13 tracks recorded at 4th St Recording in Santa Monica, CA, and mastered by Stephen Marsh of Marsh Mastering in North Hollywood, CA.

For more of Amy’s music spanning the past decade, visit her links at the top of this page.

MEDIA               Press & Reviews

AMY CLARKE: “After the Fall EP”: A Review – Jed Ryan, PM Entertainment
It’s only after repeated plays of Amy Clarke’s debut album, “After the Fall”, that the listener realizes just how much this New York City-based artist packs into each of the EP’s five songs. Every one of the tracks on Clarke’s CD is a bona fide masterpiece, starting strong and ending triumphantly. Without ever sounding heavy-handed, she incorporates such issues as respect for women (“Not Your Landscape”), the effects of war (“After the Fall”), the dangers of apathy (“Fight or Flight”), and the importance of social equality into her unique music. These aren’t new issues, obviously, yet Clarke’s lyrics and self-confident delivery make her a new, energizing crusader for social change in 2007 and beyond. To backtrack a little, it’s Ms. Clarke’s lyrics and voice on “After the Fall” that grab the listener immediately. An interesting comparison to Clarke would be her fellow artist Natalie Merchant. With Merchant, the listener always senses an undercurrent of restlessness and need for “reaching beyond” in her voice and delivery. Amy Clarke’s style can be much in the same vein; at times, her voice incorporates a grittiness which matches the often serious subject matter in her music. Yet, Ms. Clarke also has another side: a more delicate delivery which has no trouble hitting those high notes. There’s an interesting synergy between these two vocal styles that she uses– often in the same song. As far as influences, Clarke clearly pays tribute to the ladies of alternative music that rose to prominence in the ’90’s, yet her artistic boldness and musical fearlessness propel her beyond genre and gender labels. Intentionally or not, Clarke also avoids the overly breathy style and fretfulness (some would describe it as “whininess”) that a few culture vultures criticized those women of alt rock for.

The stark, somber title track, “After the Fall”, was inspired by September 11th– but specifically, it’s a plea against reactionary response which marked the US after the attacks (and sadly persists today): “Now don’t you lay your law down on me; we have been here before. I have no apologies, I will not play at war; Don’t you lay your god down on me… We all have to find our own way, we only can find our own way; As long as we harm no one on the way, as long as we love we’ll be OK…” Using only her voice and piano, the track is provocative and grand. The true mark of a seasoned pro, she doesn’t need a band to back her up. Opening with a haunting piano piece, “Not Your Landscape” is a mid-tempo, stark anthem which should be subtitled “Not Without My Consent”. The song’s message aims right at the heart of one of the most basic tenets of freedom: that women should be treated as equals in sexual matters. Again, it’s a decades-belated revelation, but it couldn’t be more timely given our nation’s fickle history of social and sexual equality. A very different mood is established with “Wolf”. The dynamic track captures the moody and mysterious aura of the titular animal in its opening, and the song continues with serpentine and kaleidoscopic electronic effects throughout. The song, as described by Clarke herself, is about the nation’s reaction to the results of the November 2004 election, although many different meanings can be and have been interpreted. “January Mourning” brings Clarke’s unblemished vocals to the forefront. For this number, she makes the piano really sound alive. Despite its subject matter (the end of a relationship), it’s not a song about defeat, but rather about strength. For “Fight or Flight”, she hits her most impressive notes on the album, reinforcing the background spark which has possibly motivated all her causes– the need for all of us to take greater social responsibility: “Don’t say there’s nothing left to do, Giving up is what they want from you; Fight or flight, What are you gonna do? Stand up for your rights, or simply turn off the lights; And hope that no one notices you…”

“After the Fall” is an album that only Amy Clarke could create. The singer-songwriter pays tribute to strong, independent women and the men and women who love them, reinforcing the need for love, equality, and tolerance for all. And while promoting these causes, she makes music that sounds really, really wondrous.


“Magnificent singer/songwriter/keyboardist”
Peter Quinones, Editor, Alternative World Fanzine
“a gifted musician with a lovely voice”
The Eclectic Collection: A Celebration of Women in Music
“accomplished, amazing, and really going places”
Larry Wines, Tied to The Tracks Radio, Acoustic Americana Music Guide
“(her) strength and vulnerability are truly compelling”
Annette Conlon, Nette Radio
“full of dark, quirky and experimental sounds and complex lyrics”
Pete Harris, Indie Sounds NY / Harris Radio

“a wicked piano player and a fantastic songwriter”
Drew Brody, Baskethouse, M-Lab

After The Fall EP – “lyrically great”
Mark Hudson, Multi-Platinum Hit Producer/Songwriter (Hudson Bros., Ringo Starr, Aerosmith)

MARY (her story)
“Even before I digested the newest creation by Amy Clarke, I had, as is my wont, to figure out the intricacies of the lyrics. Mary is certainly the archetype of a fully conscious woman…one that in fact belongs in the history books… Mary is that woman who sought divine inspiration, coded words and feelings in thought, with such depth that no one could truly understand…..but all shall be revealed…just as pieces of Atlantis burst forth at the most opportune time. Using the classic rock motif, Amy seeks the archetype further, and believes in her. A snippet of this story is what’s presented…”
Dan Herman, Radio Crystal Blue

From Here is brilliantly crafted, with a tag and melody that haunt you…the story draws you in immediately…with vocal stylings and dynamics that hold back just enough to keep you hanging on every word…this defines a new phase of Amy as an artist, starting right “From Here”.

Lorraine Ferro, Multi-Platinum Hit Songwriter

Songwriters Hall of Fame, National Academy of Popular Music

“After the Fall is beautiful, haunting yet phenomenal songs…wow. Knocked me out with the lyrics, the arrangement, the production and the delivery. Awesome music from the heart and soul. I listened several times, over and over, because it was so powerful…I believe this is just the beginning of a beautiful, poignant and fruitful artist’s journey” – Songsalive!

“Simply beautiful” – GoGirlsMusic

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