Thank YOU, Silver Lake! Prelim election results


<<In the hotly contested Silver Lake election, candidates on the new slate “Yours Not Ours” carried the day. Incumbents fared poorly overall and only two members of the Empower Silver Lake slate prevailed.

In Silver Lake, civic engagement could be called controversy’s silver lining — Saturday’s election recorded the biggest turnout of any neighborhood council election so far this year.>>

<<“I really feel that this is emphasizing the value of being neighborly in a neighborhood,” said Amy Clarke, the election’s leading vote-getter with 737 total. “We’re entering kind of a new phase … There are new outreach strategies emerging, there are new communities being forged, there are new bonds being grown. And I believe that everyone who’s served the board well so far will continue to serve the community well … but that potentially a change in board culture can lead to a shift in the culture of the community, and I’m really hopeful that we’re going to be able to move forward in a constructive and compassionate and hopefully harmonious way.”

To date, roughly halfway through the city’s neighborhood council elections, the SLNC’s voter turnout surpasses any other neighborhood council election, and was more than double the 507 who voted in the last election in 2012.>>

Election results – pending any of the 60 provisional ballots and any further matters – should be final by Friday April 18.  Stay tuned for updates.

Thank YOU, Silver Lake!  This is YOUR victory :)

In gratitude, Amy Clarke

I love Silver Lake ~ Neighborhood Council Elections Sat Apr 12, 2014 ~ why it matters to me

Hello dear ones,

After a full day out in community since 9AM, my beautiful daughter is napping. I am pausing before heading out to the piano to create music in the garden to reflect upon the fullness from this day.

I love Silver Lake.

I feel at home here. Connected and complete, encircled by community. While the ride has been full of peaks & valleys, I have learned more in my time of service than I might have imagined; and not even lessons I thought they might be.

Serving the neighborhood has greatly inspired me, humbled me, transformed me. As an artist and a musician, it can be a challenge to find the right balance to do both, but it IS possible & inspires GREATER art; the more one is able to tap into the spirit of a place, listen to those in community, unite with tribe, redefine local family, grow from the ground up. It infuses my art, music, expression, passion, pride.

I also have deepened bonds, connections & groundwork ~ it only makes natural sense for Gaia Grove to be centered here in Silver Lake as well.  And, since like in gardening, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it ~ Quod Severis Metes (As You Sow, So You Shall Reap) ~ I am grateful to serve the community in which I live.

This is my original home from whence I landed from thousands of miles away, many years ago; this place welcomed me, nourished me, gave me sustenance.  I love it here, and I listen to the people I BOTH live with and share with in community.

I am running again for Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, as an At-Large Representative for YOU, Silver Lake, and for future of all together, though, recognizing that I serve you, I humbly ask for your vote SAT APR 12, 2014, 10am-4pm, Micheltorena School, Silver Lake, but also, and more importantly, your vision.  Please message me and share your ideas, your dreams, your possibilities for our shared space and let’s co-create it!

Please check out the YOURS not OURS coalition Recommendations:

PLEASE VOTE: 7 At Large, but only 2 per Region, and you may only vote one region (all may vote At-Large ~ At-Large: Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, Amy Clarke, Teresa Sitz, David Modern, Heather Carson, Kinoka Ogsbury  Region 1Helen Dion, Joshua Gomez, Region 2: Georgene Goodin, Karen Speitel Region 3: Seamus Garrity Region 4: Ted Adams James Bigelow Region 5: Frances Tran Region 6: Matthew Desario, Joe Ryan Ferrell Region 7: John Wingler, Hope Taylor Arnold   Coalition also supports Jeff Wayne (At-Large), Joe Malone (3), Matthew Mooney (5) 

PERSONAL additional recommendations (some more good choices) are Lisa Marie Hart (At-Large), Dorit Dowler Guerrero (5), Karina Andrade (7)

Love, Amy


2014 ~ the year ahead ~ full moon & winter solstice musings

full moon musings after meditation in the woods ~

while the year 2013 (6) focused on SERVICE, responsibility, generosity, caretaking, & collective harmony,

the year 2014 (7) will be more about SPIRITUALITY, truth, magic, mystery, & individual mastery.

also believe it is the year my album will finally be released ~


Sat Dec 14, 2013 in Los Angeles! Starhawk Winter’s Dream Workshop, Ritual, Spiral Dance!

Originally posted on Gaia Grove ~ healing the earth:

A very special event in LA with social justice/environmental/permaculture activist & feminist Goddess Spirituality author Starhawk (& extended community) this Saturday, December 14, 2013 – hope to celebrate with all of you!  Gaia Grove music lounge in the morning from 10:30-11:30am featuring Amy Clarke with special guests Dave Greene (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), Nicole Polanco, Kerry Thorne, Swan Ryder, and other surprise guests ~ come early, stay for the whole day!  Gaia Grove lounge will also feature art by Nance Broderzen and delicious organic raw vegan treats available for purchase by Alegria Xocolotl.  After the music, “Mother Earth’s Transition Team” workshop, & delicious vegetarian community meal, Starhawk will guide a frame drum trance in the afternoon ritual co-produced by Reclaiming LA & Cross Pollinate from 4:30-6:30pm along with fabulous musical & magical guests ROWAN STORM (doumbek), GRIFFIN CED (Green Man Store), PRIESTESS XIA (Temple of…

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Cross Pollinate LA Sun Sep 8, 2013 at Fais Do Do!

GAIA GROVE music social evening at Cross Pollinate LA, Fais Do Do Sun Sep 8, 2013!

Divine music & fantastic food will be delivered in the evening social, with a chance for even more networking open to both men & women from 5PM until 8PM.

All who attend the workshop receive entrance into the evening portion. However, if you would like to come for music & socializing, but not the networking portion, those tickets are available for $10 via our ticket page. The evening will feature the sublime musical talents of Amy Clarke, Courtney Freed,  Ben Gould, & Steven Wynbrandt, with guest artists sprinkled throughout.


Ben Gould (w/Britta Gudmunson)  20130621_164953 Instagram: ficusboy


Amy Clarke, Gaia Grove & Guests ~ Swan Ryder, Brittany Rose, Ben Gould & Charles-Herman-Wurmfeld ~ more TBA  Soulful songstress Amy Clarke crafts eclectic music with lyrical depth & planetary consciousness. An award-winning songwriter who mixes classical training with global rhythms, she is a dynamic stage presence – from solo voice, grand piano, & percussion, to jamming with guest artists, or experimenting on her synth keyboard. She has toured around the country from the House of Blues, SXSW, Viper Room, The White House & The Bitter End to Burning Man & The Alchemy Conference & shared stages with diverse & inspirational artists such as Starhawk, Poe, Occupy Love, Amrita Sen, Brothers’ Brothers,  Miranda Rondeau, Dave Greene (Joe Walsh, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), Stonefeather, Temple of Visions & Sacred Spaces Village at Burning Man 2010. Amy played an impromptu set at Lilith 2010 & was appointed Social Media Ambassador by Terry McBride of Nettwerk for the penultimate Lilith show in her hometown Washington, DC, interviewing Sarah McLachlan, the Indigo Girls, Butterfly Boucher, Courtyard Hounds, Lissie & more backstage. She is finishing her full-length album project  in Silver Lake, CA for a 2013 release.   “Beautiful, magical, original” – Mary Ishimoto Morris, The Washington Post

FB: Twitter:  ReverbNation: YouTube:

Gaia Grove Founded by Amy Clarke, after countless underground events in Washington, DC, then moving humble roots from a Williamsburg, Brooklyn backyard to its current Silver Lake center (located in Los Angeles, CA), Gaia Grove is a living web dedicated to helping heal the earth, living in greater harmony with nature, and educating on sustainability, balance, equality, and justice for all. Gaia Grove produces events advancing the ideas, practice, and development of socially responsible artistry and living. Gaia Grove’s members include artists, musicians, DJs, entrepreneurs, photographers, writers, directors, shamans, gardeners, activists, dancers, farmers, visionaries, teachers, poets, healers, dreamers & more.  Gaia Grove is vibrant, evolving and ripe with possibility.

1149655_694167171827_880627655_oCourtney Freed Strong, passionate, vivacious and daring, Courtney Freed is a dynamic vocalist in a class all her own. She committed to sharing her talents with the world through song and story.  Facebook Page: Courtney Freed Music    Twitter: @courtneyfreed    Instagram: courtneyjoyfreed

Steven Wynbrandt ~ coming soon Steven Wynbrandt BioDynamic Farm ~

Olivia Walder & Ramblin’ Rose Apothecary Olivia Walder is a Los Angeles based midwestern transplant who does way too many things, including work as a graphic designer, stylist, painter, jewelry maker and a forager and herbalist in training. Ramblin’ Rose Apothecary is collection of herbal concoctions created by Olivia Walder. All of the herbs used in the products are either organic, wild harvested, or grown by Olivia herself. Ramblin’ Rose Apothecary was born of Olivia’s interest in herbs as source of knowledge and understanding of our history, as source of empowerment, and for the purpose of celebrating the wonders of herbs!

Sparky the Dragon Oven ~ Dinner for sale on site by Ray Cirino & His Dragon Oven, Sparky!   Live art, crafts & vending as well ~

sparkey-the-dragon-oven IMGP0079 IMG_7057 IMG_7255


GREEN SPACES IN SILVER LAKE: What is your dream?



(together we might dream a comprehensive, magical new public space into existence)

Full Moon, July 2013

My neighbor & friend Charles Herman-Wurmfeld wrote an inspired, eloquent, and visionary piece (below) imagining the future of the Silver Lake Reservoir and I can only hope that it inspires further conversation, collaboration, co-creation & possibility.  For all who live, work, play, or in other ways grow & thrive in this vibrant community centered around this historic & celebrated body of water, I ask you to give some attention to our neighborhood namesake ~ the Silver Lake Reservoir  ~ and turn some thought and vision to how you see yourself and others interacting with her in the future as her function and role in our community transforms.  Use your imagination, and dare to dream!

What does the Silver Lake Reservoir mean to you and what do you see for her future? 

How would Silver Lake ideally look to you if you were given the ability to help imagine its future potential?  How would it remain the same?  How would it be different?

What is vital to you in the current landscape that you believe needs to be preserved?  What elements are missing from the current reservoir complex and surrounding areas that you would like to see added?  Close your eyes, imagine the body of water that is the Silver Lake Reservoir, and imagine it to be a few years from now.  How does this sacred space appear in your mind’s eye?  What sounds do you hear coming from the lake?  How does it feel to you to be there?  What activities are taking place there?  How does the ground feel beneath your feet as you circumnavigate the water, and do you feel the water itself?  What is that sensation like for you?  Who is with you, or are you alone, and what needs are you able to have met by this space, and how?  Find a way to translate the images, sensations, feelings and ideas that come up for you to your friends, neighbors, and potential allies in language that is evocative, inspiring, tangible, and accessible.

In addition, for your consideration, how do we continue to go about re-imagining and re-visioning this space while making sure to take into balanced consideration the feelings and needs of the environment, wildlife, neighbors, visitors and more?  How do we better reach out to strangers who are also potential allies & co-creators?  How do we take these conversations to the next level?  How do we increase visibility, community engagement, constructive dialogue, sharing resources?  Most importantly, how do we do so in a way that is transparent, open, inclusive, and honors a wide variety of ideas, feelings, needs, visions and becomes truly representative of the community and her people?

Feel free to continue this conversation with anyone else in the community, by using any contact information listed above, by starting your own groups, posts, lists, communication, or dialogues and/or by emailing to get involved.

Thank you for opening your mind and heart and joining with us to collectively dream our community into a stronger, more cohesive whole.

Namaste ~

Amy Clarke,

Artist, Musician, Creatrix

Silver Lake Resident, Silver Lake NC Board Member*, Silver Lake Neighborhood Assembly

MAAT Music, ScorpFaery Productions, Gaia Grove

* this article represents my view points alone and in no way represents the SLNC, any SLNC committees or SLNC policies in any way/shape/or form.



After the Department of Water and Power temporarily drains the Silver Lake Reservoir to accomplish the work necessary to take the lake off active duty as a Los Angeles water source, the property will be turned over to the city.  This means a cohesive and collectively vetted vision of what comes next needs to emerge from the Silver Lake community & surrounding neighborhoods.  With this practical pipeline work in the final stages of planning – and the new headworks reservoir nearly complete – certainly the time is now to re-envision the possibilities for the public and ecological space we could create there at the Silver Lake Reservoir Park.

With public park space in Los Angeles at a disgraceful low, and obesity in children creating a city wide health crises of major proportions (and untold future costs); with our collective mental health & stress levels a growing priority; and with ecology and water systems management & education at the forefront of the effort to save ourselves from planetary toxicity and global warming weather patterns, it would seem the time is now for such an effort.  This article is a call to initiate a conversation that invents a new paradigm for a public, educational and ecologically forward space at what we now still call the reservoir. If you love the meadow and the walking path, read on.

In this new paradigm there might be space at the Silver Lake Park for birds, for wildlife and native ecosystems, for swimming and swim instruction, for water purification and collection, LA RIVER connectivity and storage, community gardens, orchards and food forests, fish-farming, flowing streams for children and adults to scramble up, paths to get lost on, majestic outlooks, alternative power generation, serene spots for contemplation & prayer, and lots of opportunities to get wet and enjoy and learn from the wisdom of the water.  I am inspired by the newly remodeled space at echo park lake and the amazing collaboration among so many city agencies it represents; the phenomenal ongoing work of the Santa Monica mountains land trust, and all the neighbors that helped this to happen (including those who may have opposed the process).  Tickled by water lilies at echo park, I am inspired to suggest we go this far and further towards creating a complete environment at silver lake park – a space that finally erases barbed wire, chain link fences, and barriers from our consciousness.  Let’s create a space that uses ALL the available land to maximize human and ecological/environmental benefit.

For example, as suggested Dion Neutra and others at a recent community meeting at the Micheltorena School auditorium hosted by the DWP, we might want to transform the perimeter of the lake into something softer and more accessible to human beings now that she is no longer an active community drinking water source needing military scale protection. The pending draining of the lake/construction would be the ideal moment to simultaneously address this major element of our new park-lands possibilities. The perimeter at the moment, much like the LA RIVER, is corseted by brutal 20thcentury concrete, blockaded from access and an eye-sore for all. If we wanted to create a more natural, varied perimeter we might investigate using some of that concrete to raise the bottom of the lake, soften the banks of the lake, and create equal access for all neighbors.  Equal access to me means we can all get ourselves wet.

To be sure, much work has been done over the years to champion this Silver Lake Park, and the amazing foot traffic and joy emanating daily from the meadow and walking path are evident to any who care to step onto the path and walk through with empathic, open hearts.  Now is the moment to stand on the shoulders of these incredible accomplishments and leap into the future together, daring to get soaked in it if necessary.

In the spirit of going further, this post is a call for open, transparent, inclusive system-wide review, revision and re-invention of these plans simultaneous with the upcoming plan for draining the lake and pipeline construction. The Silver Lake neighborhood council & CD4 and 13 can help facilitate a sharing, open, evolving plan of forward action in park development by hosting a series of  collaborative, open meetings where all can be heard and ideas can constructively evolve. My hope is to take part in a new visioning and review process immediately that will help make this conversation a bi-council district, inter-neighborhood collaboration with the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy, the SLNC Reservoir Complex Committee & all related city offices including the state & federal government.  This will take years.  All of us will need to pitch in to make this happen on the grand scale.

This conversation can happen publicly, through the input of hundreds if not thousands of neighbors who live nearby.  To do this we will need to use outreach on a scale as never before: door-to-door, town meetings (run horizontally to truly hear one another); and through the unifying forces of the inter-wire and social media. Together, we might assess our needs (the need for peace, for exercise, for natural wonder, for clean natural ecosystems, for play, for relaxation, etc) and then understand how we’re feeling based on those human needs being met or unmet.

Once we understand the way we are feeling we might create a set of criteria for the new space that helps fulfill the most needs for the most people.  We might use these criteria to measure our current plans & to outreach to international park designers and visionaries for additional design input and inspiration.  Any current designs already developed could be held up element by element in an evaluation process where we choose our favorite plans in open forum & let the people who live across Silver Lake and the nearby neighborhoods choose.  Together we might dream a magical new public space into existence.

My hope is that this blog post will inspire folks across the neighborhood to step into the conversation.  Each of us will have to do something and persist in our efforts.  You can begin by writing to your city councilmen Tom LaBonge and Mitch O’Farrell as well as to related city agencies and urge all involved to help in facilitation of large public conversations on the topic. You can also send me an email (subject: dreaming about a new park) & let me know you are on board for the conversation and what you are dreaming about.  My email address (Charles Herman-Wurmfeld) is  The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy – perhaps a valuable ally – is found online at  You can further email your thoughts to the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council* at  – asking all committees how to be involved in the dialogue, the SLNC Arts & Culture Committee ( ), for CD 4; for CD 13; & & Marcel Porras for the Mayor’s office; & for the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy. Please feel free to use any part of this blog post in your communications – consider it yours.

Thanks ~ Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, Silver Lake neighbor* this article represents my view points alone (and perhaps those of many who voted for me to represent them on the SLNC) and in no way represents the SLNC, or SLNC policies in any way/shape/or form.


Make Music Silver Lake Fri Jun 21 4-8:30PM! Sunset Triangle Plaza: Make Music LA 2013


Join us in Sunset Triangle Plaza Concert for a free outdoor concert hosted by the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Arts & Culture Committee as part of the 2nd Annual Make Music LA from 4-8:30PM on Fri Jun 21, 2013, in tandem with the 1st Ever National Day of Music in the US & the international Fête de La Musique taking place in over 100 countries worldwide on Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. 15+ bands, musicians, and performers ~ nearly all local from Silver Lake ~ performing 100% acoustic and unplugged in the Plaza.

Sunset Triangle Plaza Concert
Part of Make Music LA 2013, Int’l Fete De La Musique
& the 1st Ever National Day of Music in the U.S.

Fri June 21 2013, 4pm-8:30pm in Sunset Triangle Plaza
Sunset Blvd & Edgecliffe Dr, Silver Lake 90026

Neighbors, participants & guests are invited to bring blankets and folding chairs to spread out in the plaza and enjoy the music in this grassroots & lo-fi outdoor neighborhood concert, as well as to bring their own musical instruments and voices to make music during the afternoon and in the community jam that will close the evening and concert together in unison.

Maltman Stage (East) scheduled to perform:

4:00PM David Laboriel – Singer/Songwriter
4:40PM Ben Gould – Native American/Folk
5:20PM The Ones Acoustic/Folk Rock
6:00PM The Singer & The Songwriter Folk/Jazz
6:40PM S+M Country/Folk/Alt
7:30PM Stonefeather Funk Rock

Edgecliffe Stage (West) scheduled to perform:

4PM Middle & High School Acts: Wolf Country & Tru Fight
4:20PM High School Act: Brandon Solis
5:00PM PAWS Music w/Angel Figueroa ~ Latin Percussion /
5:40PM Poppa’s Kitchen Folk Rock/Americana
6:20PM Earthbound Alternative/Rock/Jazz
7:00PM Amy Clarke Alternative/Songwriter/World
(& Special Guests inc. Dave Greene ~ Drum Tech for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
& percussionist for Joe Walsh w/more local guests TBA)
8:00PM Silver Lake Community Music Jam for ALL w/Special Guests & Paws Latin Percussion Music Encore w/Angel Figueroa

RSVP to keep up to date on FB or Google+ event pages:

Support From: Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Arts & Culture Committee, Make Music Los Angeles, Silver Lake Improvement Association, Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce, Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Outreach Committee, & Silver Lake Neighborhood Assembly

Transportation: Sunset Triangle Plaza is conveniently situated at Sunset Blvd, Edgecliffe & Griffith Park Blvd in Silver Lake, and is accessible via the 2, 302 & 704 bus lines on Sunset Blvd. Walking, biking, carpooling & alternative transport highly encouraged.

Questions? Wish to help volunteer?

MAKE MUSIC web(1)(1)

Foundation, Community, Creativity, Garden, Craft

A foundational week in Silver Lake ~ in creative projects, community, gardens, gatherings, groups, family and tribe. MAAT Music continues to share “We Are The Web” around the world and prepares the studio for more creative brewing, forging, and future music releases for later this year. Download track, write a review:

In the Micheltorena Elementary & Community Garden, the cob oven project opened to new possibilities as we explored different design options in a potluck summit, and debated merits of alternate options.  The design we are now leading to is called a BARREL OVEN, and this video shows the ENTIRE process in fast motion:  

We then enjoyed regular garden tending after making some more adobe bricks.


welcome to new garden & chicken care volunteers!


Mario pretends to work up a sweat :)

Also, the beautiful honey-colored chicken is brooding (sad that she has no eggs to hatch) and needs some comfort and cheering ~ perhaps the moms & dads in Silver Lake could visit @lasmichickas and share some stories with the coop how challenging parenting can sometimes be – maybe it will improve her mood?

Saturday February 9th we will be in the garden again ~ join us as we move forward!


Then on Sunday Feb 3, Gaia Grove hosted a garden brunch in Silver Lake to honor the coming spring, Imbolc & FCW Society Day with delicious home made bread, tasty organic salads & spreads, a blueberry/strawberry/papaya pie, healing tonics, milk and honey, and shared creativity from poetry to song, baking to craft ~ it was a day filled with fresh inspiration, blazing fires, healing music, and enchanting of the earth ~ all to make the ground more fertile for creative projects this year and beyond ~ hope to see you in the garden some time soon ~







Imagea most magical hat, indeed ~

We Are The Web ~ 12*20*2012

“We Are The Web” single is now available online from iTunes & other online distributors! Please rate & write a positive review and share with your networks, friends, community ~
Amy Clarke, We Are The Web

we are the web
one living breath
together we are forever woven
until the end of time

(c) Maat Music 2010/2012, ScorpFaery Productions (ASCAP)

Have a peaceful Winter Solstice & see you in the New Era ~