the power of nature

Never underestimate the power of nature. Yesterday, I experienced my first earthquake. I was in my studio working on music, when the ground started to rumble. I felt the whole room shaking and I thought, at first, it was some crazy industrial strength jackhammer outside, but then it kept on rolling and rumbling, things started falling off shelves and breaking, I looked outside at the trees swaying and then I suddenly realized what was happening. Everything I had ever heard about earthquakes got jumbled in my head and I first sat in my doorway, fighting the urge to run outside, which is what I most wanted to do. It was over fairly quickly, though it left me in a tremendous sense of awe and majesty at the power of nature. I was reminded again of the magic and mystery of Great Gaia – our Earth Mother.

I am so inspired, I will be singing a new acoustic version of “Not Your Landscape” from my After the Fall EP (for the first time on the West Coast!) at the Derby next Wednesday. Also, doing new arrangements of “Fight or Flight”, some of the new songs for the next album, and premiering a BRAND NEW SONG that you will be the first audience to hear! All you have to do is get to The Derby by 7:45 to find parking, as I sing and play the opening set of the night at 8PM. Bootleg recordings will be available for the lucky earlybirds, and every little bit helps fund the recording process . . .



4500 Los Feliz Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90027

$8,, 18+

*The Summer Cross-Quarter (midway point between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox) is exactly at 8:18PM PST (during my set!), adding extra magic to the evening. It’s time to start gathering the first harvests of the year…

Love, Peace & Music, Amy

the power of nature

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