9/20 World Peace Day Celebration

A fantastic evening of music and drumming for PEACE!

Featured photos are the fabulous lady who put together the evening – Ms. Toni K, Nick Daugherty w/producer Mandi Martin, Nick D. again, yours truly (twice), Piper Grey (beautiful harmonies!), and finally, a shot of the stage before the excellent drum circle which closed out the evening which was facilitated by Lady Loves Drums – AWESOME! Other performers were Hubie Vine & Maaya, Miri Hunter Harauch, a visit by Andy Catt, and good energy all around.

Come back to the NEW Talking Stick (in the shopping center on the corner of Lincoln & California in Venice – tucked in the corner – a gem of a find!) on MONDAY 9/29 for THE TONI K. BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION featuring yours truly with a totally different set of songs, Shannon Hurley, Without The Blonde, Eric Ethan, Kris Miller, Hubie Vine & Maaya!

9/20 World Peace Day Celebration

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