Magic Piano in Mexico!

One more weekend down in Mexico visiting the eco-retreat known as Baja Off The Grid – this time for some writing and family time – where I also got to play my first international show on a grand piano! Some really intense fog settled in over the Baja coast on Saturday evening, and we were unable to hike down to the ocean to gather mussels, so we drove down the mountain to a local restaurant to find some food. We were not sure if we were going to make it as the fog was so thick, and we almost turned back, but then decided we were up for the adventure and pressed on.

Finally saw the light and arrived at the local seafood restaurant – and parked right next to a grand piano on the back of a truck! I was so excited – I asked the men on the truck what they were doing with the piano, and was told they had just arrived to deliver it to the venue. As we were seated they wheeled it in and set it up in the restaurant. Through asking around, I found out that the owner of the restaurant had just been given the piano as a gift, and did not play, so was donating it permanently to the restaurant. Then they asked if I wished to play, and was more than happy to oblige. It was a beautiful mahogany grand with real ivory keys, and the tone was incredible. I played and sang several songs for the appreciative crowd as we all enjoyed this magical, fortunate coincidence in the seaside town. It was a great evening! The restaurant gave us free drinks and welcomed me back to play in La Bufadora any time I was back in Mexico…so it looks like I’ll be planning another trip soon to play for the local community – there is a great artistic community in the town and many music fans. Gracias to Jesse, Claudia, and Sharkey’s – see you again soon! xoxo – Amy

Magic Piano in Mexico!

3 thoughts on “Magic Piano in Mexico!

  1. Christa says:

    Wow! what fortune! The fact that it was still tuned after a trip in the fog only shows that it was meant to be. I’m still amazed that it got to be christened the first night the piano was installed.

  2. santiago avina and family says:

    we are the family that gave the piano to my brother Jessie since we didn’t use it that much we are glad it was put to use so fast and enjoyed by the Buffadora community please send us pics if you have any.
    Thanks,Santiago,Johnnell,Jacob,and Aaron

  3. jessie martinez says:

    Hi, Amy hope you are well. I really enjoyed your talent and another memorable night at Sharkys. Hope to hear from you soon, the photos you have from the campo are really nice. I own some properties there, and have almost the same pictures. We need to talk about mexico, I think we can do alot of nice things for the community.

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